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5th Year exists to address a serious need in our area. Each year, thousands of Northwest Ohio high school students graduate without a clear path forward. The prohibitive cost of college, unfamiliarity with job and career options, and a lack of certain business, financial and life skills leave many young adults feeling as if they have few choices. 5th Year’s ten-month program helps graduates transition from high school and home to independence and a thoughtful exploration of professional opportunities. Our unbiased, non-judgmental approach gives students the insight they need to make practical decisions about their future. 

JA Summer Internship Program

What is Junior Achievement? 

Junior Achievement is an organization dedicated to helping students develop a clear vision of future success and a defined path on how to get there before they graduate high school. We engage students in unique learning experiences to ignite a spark of interest in a possible career pathway, illuminate that pathway, and inspire students interests in various career opportunities. 


Why Junior Achievement?